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How to get taxpayer-funded media research free

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County courthouses are ubiquitous, and inside the bureaucrats are always probing prospective jurors on their personal interests. Earlier this year I had to do my duty for district court and wait in the gallery while lawyers vetted sets of 12. One of the standard required questions was “What radio station do you listen to”? To my surprise Pandora won the survey followed by K-Love and sports talk respectively. I was able to receive a fresh, on-the-spot survey of good citizens and their radio preferences. Anytime I want to survey locals in my county, I just go the courthouse  with a 16-ounce coffee, take a seat and get valuable taxpayer funded research free. 


Don’t Cross your Loyal Customers.

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Radio salespeople sell advertisers a specific format for a specific demo in order to maximize the effect of a target audience.  A jewelry store is a good fit for sports talk stations because men listen to sports talk and men buy engagement rings and other jewels for the women in their life.  Not too complicated…right?

What happens when, after weeks of being hounded and coaxed into buying an advertising flight on the sports station, the jewelry store owner tunes in to hear his commercial and then hears a cross-promo exhorting listeners to tune in another station?

“Hey when you’re feelin’ groovy and you’re jonesing for the Cars, tune into Super Hits 102”!  Stations do this because the owner is too cheap to promote the stations individually, or the head cheese Market Manager decided it would be a swell idea to cross-promote sister stations.  If I were the jewelry store owner and I heard the station I’m advertising on, the station I was sold on,….Yeah THAT STATION,  is now  telling their listeners (the ones I am trying to get into my store) to tune in another station, I’d be vexed. Not to mention it’s confusing to the casual listener.

I believe in cross-promoting. The Morning Guy promoting the Night Gal, ON THE SAME STATION!  Station owners and management: stop hurting your loyal advertisers.  They will benefit, and your loyal listeners will be less confused.

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