Don’t Cross your Loyal Customers.

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Radio salespeople sell advertisers a specific format for a specific demo in order to maximize the effect of a target audience.  A jewelry store is a good fit for sports talk stations because men listen to sports talk and men buy engagement rings and other jewels for the women in their life.  Not too complicated…right?

What happens when, after weeks of being hounded and coaxed into buying an advertising flight on the sports station, the jewelry store owner tunes in to hear his commercial and then hears a cross-promo exhorting listeners to tune in another station?

“Hey when you’re feelin’ groovy and you’re jonesing for the Cars, tune into Super Hits 102”!  Stations do this because the owner is too cheap to promote the stations individually, or the head cheese Market Manager decided it would be a swell idea to cross-promote sister stations.  If I were the jewelry store owner and I heard the station I’m advertising on, the station I was sold on,….Yeah THAT STATION,  is now  telling their listeners (the ones I am trying to get into my store) to tune in another station, I’d be vexed. Not to mention it’s confusing to the casual listener.

I believe in cross-promoting. The Morning Guy promoting the Night Gal, ON THE SAME STATION!  Station owners and management: stop hurting your loyal advertisers.  They will benefit, and your loyal listeners will be less confused.

  1. I wholeheartedly agree! It was once explained to me like this: Look at Proctor & Gamble. They have several toothpaste brands. Each brand competes for market share. If they have the two top brands in the industry, then Proctor & Gamble wins. Isn’t that the goal of radio groups as well?

    Each station should have its own brand and identity. They should get as much of the market share as possible and win with their target demographics. If they do that, the ownership wins.

    I quote the late great Dom Delouise when I say “It’s so SIMPLE! You sissy marrys!”


  2. I agree, as well. What cooks my carrots is when a rock station has a promo on, promoting something that the country sister station is doing. IT EVEN HAS THE CALLS of the country station! In my approach to the GM regarding this matter, I say- I think rock listeners are gonna be offended. What do they care about what the country station is doing? His reply- A little cross promotion never hurt anyone.
    good grief.
    Nope, never hurt anyone, except for the rock listener that just turned the radio off because he could give a crap about what a country station is doing.


  3. Regarding the above: same $%!+ different day!, I work PT for an AM/FM combo where the GM takes care of all promotions. The person is a great seller but doesn’t know the first thing about executing a proper promotion that needs to subscribe to the “KISS” theory. The AM is classic country and the FM Hot AC. There have been ticket trades done for the big summer country and rock festivals. I’ve seen where the contests to giveaway a few passes for the country event is done on the FM side! STICK TO YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE!!


  4. You gotta get outta there Mark. Although I’d love to work at a Classic Country.


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