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Large Market Incompetence

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Many jobs ago I worked at a three-station group in the shadow of a top-50 market (Indy).  Some of my co-workers, including our new general manager, had worked in that market.  One day the GM sat at her PC and asked our rookie salesgirl where a particular document was.  The sales rookie replied, “It’s on the desktop.”


Large Market GM: “Where’s the desktop?”  


Rookie Salesgirl: “On your computer desktop”.


Large Market GM, still sitting at her PC and looking at her monitor: “Where’s the desktop?”


Meanwhile, as a small market, multi-tasking production director I would dispense ad copy to the small market, multi-tasking air talent, and they would record the script on their own and I would produce later…except for the two large market air talents in the building.  Since they couldn’t operate a digital editor (Adobe Audition) I had to “engineer” their recording session.


Today a lot of these large market, one-trick ponies are out of work due to an evolving industry, and they may have trouble getting back in it because they cannot or will not multi-duty. A colleague once told me, “Dan, the great thing about radio is when you move up, you make more and do less”.  My conclusion: a small market employee can transition to a large market easier than a large market can to a small one. 

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