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I have to broadcast WHAT?!

In Uncategorized on 07/19/2012 at 2:40 pm

Often I’ve worked for guilt-ridden, non-local radio owners who urge their managers to broadcast every local event on their automated station to the extent of overreaching and compromising the format. These folksy, feel-good measures help insecure owners sleep better. For Steckline I was told to broadcast a town parade on the radio. My wife summed it up pretty well when I told her about it: “That’s like broadcasting live from the painting of a mural.”

Radio stations with the “let’s broadcast whatever” mentality fail to notice the missed opportunity of being IN the parade as an entry where their brand would be seen, lauded, and if they’re a good station, insulted.  Owners: I know you feel bad about profiting off of distant communities that you don’t give a rip about, but don’t compound the problem by subjecting the market to token local programming. It’s pandering and it’s disingenuous.

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