Job-Hoppers vs. Job-Squatters

In Uncategorized on 05/16/2015 at 1:22 pm

Dan Lynch Media

Many radio managers look at the resume of a job-hopping radio announcer with a jaundiced eye.  I’m one of those job-hoppers, and I look at small market managers who’ve been at the same station north of a decade with equal prejudice. Perhaps these “job-squatters” are complacent? Unmotivated, ill-talented, too cowardly, or they’ve lost the fire to advance their career. For many, there’s a valid reason for their listless career in small town America, such as family obligations, or they don’t want to forfeit their seniority.

Recently, a small-market lifer in Market 180-something asked me in an interview, “Why so many jobs?”

I said, “My first job paid $4.25 per hour.  My first fulltime job paid $21K annually; next gig paid $24K, then $30K. My morning gig in Market 150-something paid $9.75 per hour, and my current job pays $28K. Why would I tolerate those missionary wages for more than five…

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