Job-Hoppers vs. Job-Squatters

In Uncategorized on 05/16/2015 at 12:58 pm

Many radio managers look at the resume of a job-hopping radio announcer with a jaundiced eye.  I’m one of those job-hoppers, and I look at small market managers who’ve been at the same station north of a decade with equal prejudice. Perhaps these “job-squatters” are complacent? Unmotivated, ill-talented, too cowardly, or they’ve lost the fire to advance their career. For many, there’s a valid reason for their listless career in small town America, such as family obligations, or they don’t want to forfeit their seniority.

Recently, a small-market lifer in Market 180-something asked me in an interview, “Why so many jobs?”

I said, “My first job paid $4.25 per hour.  My first fulltime job paid $21K annually; next gig paid $24K, then $30K. My morning gig in Market 150-something paid $9.75 per hour, and my current job pays $28K. Why would I tolerate those missionary wages for more than five years? I have to eat.  I need food, clothes, shoes.  I’d like to buy a house for my wife and children. And a retirement nest egg would be nice. If I had been paid like a government employee, I would have stayed longer at my past jobs.”

The same small market OM told me, “It’s hard to find good people”. Evidently, he thinks “good people” is someone willing to work for $30K annually for the next fifteen years, living hand to mouth. Sorry, pal, you’re simply having trouble finding suckers.


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