I Hear Dead People

In Uncategorized on 05/23/2015 at 2:09 pm

Recently I worked for a rock station that had two spots airing with the voices of deceased ex-staffers. This had gone on for two years, and the fault was half mine.  What was the source of my cold-blooded indifference? I need voice separation and the spots worked. I don’t believe a listener would notice but I could be dead wrong.

Years ago during my Indiana days, the OM and I were blathering in the hallway when I noticed we were airing a PSA voiced by Christopher Reeve.

“Is Christopher Reeve dead?”

OM: “I think he died.”

“I should delete that.”

In similar situations, I’ve had clueless GMs ask me to delete and re-cut spots voiced by recently dispatched announcers, as if listeners pay that close attention.  Re-cutting effective spots voiced by former (living) announcers is unnecessary. But to air commercials voiced by the honored dead is either a tribute or uncouth. Which is it?


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