Highway Automation Robbery

In Uncategorized on 01/24/2016 at 9:24 am


The owner of three radio stations approved a $30,000 purchase to “upgrade” their existing automation system. It seemed like a good move, as the more than ten-year-old version they had didn’t grab audio files from FTP sites, forcing employees to toil each day downloading and uploading short and long form programs by hand. The trade-off in the post-Telecommunications Act world is that radio employees have more responsibilities; however, 21st century automation systems will automate tasks. After the “upgrade”, the support dude was asked about FTP file transfers. He replies, “Oh, that’s part of the import package, and you guys didn’t purchase that feature.” Evidently when you purchase an automation system in 2016 it’s akin to buying a new vehicle. Canada-based OMT purposely withholds essential features so they can upsell you later. The moral of this blog is: make sure the person placing the automation buy for your company knows the ins and outs of radio automation so you don’t end up paying 30K for a glorified cart machine.


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