About Lynch

Since 1994, Dan Lynch has worked for stellar and not so stellar radio stations in six states and three time zones. He knows bad radio, he’s witnessed it, he’s participated in it, he’s fought against it, and it made him deathly ill in 2007. Lynch once initiated a covert mutiny that got a thieving GM fired in Indiana and has been asked to leave three  jobs based on general tomfoolery, exposing Illinois State Bureaucrat Chuck Hartke, and confronting a thieving station manager in Beloit, Wisconsin. Lynch has been influenced by Chet Coppock, Steve Dahl, Jay Marvin, Jon Morgan, Ken Misch, Kevin Anfield, Bruce Enrietto, Dan O’Day, Valerie Geller, Paige Nienaber, Randy Michaels and Holland Cooke. He currently reports news for three radio stations in Colorado and hosts mornings on KUBC.


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