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Morning Show Review: WIND 560

In Uncategorized on 02/20/2017 at 8:37 am

I had a chance to listen to WIND 560’s morning show today. The subject matter was excellent, topical, and relevant but the hosts need a lot of work on their mechanics. First, they were impersonal. The hosts never identified themselves or revealed a thing about themselves in the hour that I listened. I didn’t even get their names. I guess they’ve never been told that listeners relate to people and not announcers. While knowledgeable and articulate, the hosts were devoid of personality. Everybody has personality, but you’ve got to let it out on the air. Second, the hosts agreed on the subject matter. If there
are two hosts and you both agree, then one of you is irrelevant. Take a different position. In radio this is called “positioning characters”, and this is a basic radio technique.

My advice to the lead host: lighten up a bit. Smile. Laugh. Take an improv class to learn comedic techniques. Morning radio is about drawing audience with personality, not about giving lectures.

My advice to the supporting host: challenge the lead host with verve. Push his buttons. Knock him off his pedestal and out of his comfort zone. This is not a dry, uptight television show.

Why isn’t Salem coaching up this morning team? They have talent. Phil Boyce is a terrific PD. Is Phil asleep?


I Give Savage Two Years

In Uncategorized on 01/26/2014 at 7:25 am

The recent parting of Cumulus and Hannity paved the way for the Savage Nation to score the 3:00 – 6:00 day-part on many Cumulus stations. Politico is now hyping a “feud” between Sean and Dr. Mike.  (I’m sure it irks Politico that not one leftist talk host is relevant enough to have a bitter feud worthy of reporting: you have to have an audience first).  Savage is correct when he describes Hannity as a shallow pretty-boy. We all know Hannity didn’t get to the pinnacle of talk radio because of his depth or his non-existent listening ability.  However, Neocon-Sean has a few things going for him. He seems like a genuinely polite man, and he does his homework on culture war issues. Hannity is not extraordinary. He is safe and stable. Conversely, Savage has the intangibles to be a star. He IS unstable, unpredictable, cultured, brilliant, quirky and most important…pathetically funny. Unfortunately for the Dickeys, he’s not gonna win. Savage is too angry, self-absorbed, bitter and paranoid and it’s alienating his listeners.  A radio consultant like O’Day or Geller could benefit Michael, but I doubt he’s teachable.  Savage will be back to nights by 2016.

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